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Don’t worry about how deep you go. I want you to forget all about that because it's really not important. The depth of trance is not linked to results. As your hypnotherapist, my job is to guide and reassure you throughout the session.

heal with ellen

Hypnotherapy & Subconscious Mind Coaching

Uncover your past,
create your future.

Do you find yourself longing for more profound healing?



Hey there, I'm Ellen - spiritual hypnotist, transformation specialist, and your personal hype woman. 

Would you like to unleash the treasure trove of forgotten wisdom buried in your subconscious? 

Step into the realm of your past lives and the spirit world to unearth the experiences that have played a part in who you are today.


When you choose to embark on this journey, you are given the space to explore yourself, heal, and create lasting change --- all while feeling held and supported with custom guidance that is tailored to YOU. 


What To Expect

We'll discuss your challenges, goals, answer all of your questions, and assess whether Past Life Regression Therapy is a good fit for you. 

All the wisdom you need is within you, it is simply a matter of accessing it. 


Ellen uses hypnosis as the vehicle to guide you deep into your subconscious, *unlocking* access to the most profound layers of your being.


This journey inward will uncover repressed emotions, unresolved traumas, deeply ingrained limiting beliefs, automatic reactions, and fears.


As you delve deeper within, the session adapts fluidly to your personal healing needs, whether they're rooted in your current life or extend into past lifetimes.


Whatever surfaces, we address it.


Throughout this process, we gather profound insights, repair severed aspects of the “Self, forge deeper connections to your true Self, and reveal your path forward. The experience is dynamic and unpredictable, but rest assured, you are in excellent hands.

(I know it's a lot of words but it's a MUST read)


You will be guided into a profound state of relaxation, entering an altered state of consciousness that is both deeply therapeutic and expansively enlightening—similar to the effects of plant medicine (except you are completely in control).


This heightened state allows you to:

✨ Access and heal deeply buried traumas and release emotional blockages.

✨ Explore pivotal memories from your past and draw connections to your current experiences.

✨ Heighten your intuitive senses, opening pathways to divine communication.

✨ Gain meaningful insights about recurring patterns and challenges.

✨ Somatically release traumas and energetic blockages.


The journey is highly personalized and no two sessions are alike. Some may explore multiple past life scenes, while others might focus more on current life healing, depending on what surfaces during the session.

But what if I can't "access" a past life?

Less than 10% of Ellen's clients are completely blocked from accessing past lives—often due to fear, doubt, or over-effort. If past lives are inaccessible, it's usually a signal that we need to work on current lifetime traumas. If that happens, it's because that is where your subconscious guided you. Rest assured, every session remains a valuable, insightful, and transformative experience. 

You're in capable hands. 

Feeling nervous? You’re in good hands. Ellen is a seasoned and trauma-informed healer with a broad toolkit and deep experience in addressing a wide array of issues. Our sessions are designed for those who are seeking more than what talk therapy and traditional modalities offer. They are for those ready to break cycles of trauma, shed old limiting beliefs, and experience profound, lasting change.

If you’re feeling a strong pull towards this work, listen to that intuition. Your journey to deep, meaningful healing starts here. Follow your gut and connect with us to begin uncovering the layers of your soul’s story.


"Working with Ellen was magnificent. I was definitely nervous but Ellen’s energy is so warm and thoughtful, I felt immediately comfortable. She went though an entire life with me. It was a life filled with grief and loss but it was so powerful to have that understanding in this life. This session definitely helped me understand where my fear of loss came from."




Receive guidance to help with a life decision

Understand yourself at a deeper (soul) level

Heal unresolved emotions and trauma

Learn about your soul relationships -- those who've been with you in prior lifetimes

Meet your Spirit guides

Connect with your life's purpose

Understand the origination of fears or issues

Receive energetic healing

Cut energetic cords


"Ellen so beautifully led me through a past life regression, and it helped me heal in so many different areas. My mind rarely feels safe to open up with someone, but it did for her. She loving held the space for me to explore my lives, and guided me through deep healing."




“Understanding dissolves fear. When we understand the true nature of our being, fears dissipate.
We are spiritual beings, not human beings.”

- Brian Weiss


How does Past Life Regression Therapy Work?

During your past life regression session, Ellen will lead you through a relaxation technique designed to unlock deeply held experiences, emotions, and insights within your subconscious. Throughout the session, you'll remain in a hypnotic state, journeying through various scenes from one or more past lives. Ellen is equipped to support you through any emerging challenges while helping you gather crucial details pertinent to your current life's journey. You may experience these past life scenes vividly, as if watching a movie, feeling the associated emotions and sensations as if they were your own. As a client, it is an active process where both client and hypnotherapist participate fully.​​

Will I remember the session?

Yep! It's a myth that you are "put under" or that you "go somewhere". The hypnotic state is very relaxing and sort of dream-like. It is very rare that clients do not remember all of the details. Just in case, I will record the session and send you an audio file so you can relisten at any point.

What if I don't go to any past life scenes or can't be hypnotized?

When it comes to "hypnosis" the depth of healing is not equal to the depth of trance. When it comes to past lives, less than 10% of people are blocked from accessing past lives --- usually this is due to fear, doubt, disbelief, or because they're attempting to "force" the process. Other times it's more important to focus on healing current life traumas. If past lives are inaccessible (for any reason), we will work with current lifetime traumas. This ensures that every session is a valuable, insightful, and transformational experience.

How Many Sessions Are Suggested?

The number of sessions you might need varies based on your unique challenges, personal history, and objectives. A single session can offer significant healing, insight, and clarity with enduring impacts. This approach differs markedly from traditional talk therapy; it does not require the regular weekly or monthly sessions often associated with ongoing therapy. During your consultation, Ellen will discuss your goals and tailor her recommendations specifically to your needs. 

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