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Ellen Haines

Hypnotherapist & Transformation Specialist

You're crushing life,
but it feels like it's crushing you. 


There are many ways we unconsciously hold ourselves back in life...self doubt, fear, critical self talk, overthinking, overworking, procrastination, people pleasing, needing to control everything...


Shall I go on?

Pretty soon you end up in a position where you have a great life, but you don't feel all that great. 

This maaay come as a shock but... having "anxiety" doesn't mean you can't cope with life. What I've seen in many cases (and experienced), is the opposite.


You're over functioning. 


This inability to slow down leaves you feeling scattered, irritable, and stuck.

Let's just say, I've been there

It's time for you to *finally* be able to relax.

This is a place where overwhelmed women, with busy + anxious minds come to...

-- Heal self doubt

-- Stop feeling like a failure

-- Feel more at ease in daily life

-- Become more kind and loving to themselves 

So many forms of therapy have you talking yourself in circles with little progress. 


This is different. 

We get to the heart of the issue fast and leverage the powerful learning state of hypnosis to retrain your subconscious mind. 


Phobia Healing

"In just 6 weeks, I was able to overcome a lifelong phobia that had previously disrupted my daily life."

Anxiety + Insomnia Healing

"WOW. We got deep, and I really felt a massive shift. She gets at the heart of what's really troubling you and creates a custom solution to re-program your mind."


"I am very thankful to have worked with Ellen and I have had huge breakthroughs that have changed not only myself but my entire life."

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Hypnotherapist. Coach. Meditation Teacher. YOUR PERSONAL HYPE WOMAN

I help ambitious women excavate the root cause of their biggest mindset blocks and mental health challenges. Whether that be A) people pleasing, B) imposter syndrome, C) anxiety, D) procrastination...or E) ALL OF THE ABOVE. 


We'll deal with it within the deepest parts of your mind, in order to move you into a space of healing and transformation.  

Trust me. You are not alone, it is achievable, and I've been where you are. 

For years I struggled with anxiety and self-doubt. I was high-strung and filled with worry. No matter how much I accomplished, it was never enough.

I spent over a decade learning exactly how to overcome the inner battles I fought daily. 


We go beyond managing symptoms. The goal is for you to feel very different. To make anxiety a thing of the past. To live a life where stress is no longer your baseline state. And to look in the mirror, and really like the woman you see.


You may have arrived here because...

       Your mind likes to run wild at 2am and you're losing sleep.

       You rewrite the email 12 times because you overthink everything. 

       High expectations rule your life and rob you of contentment.

       Your best friends are Netflix and wine to help "take the edge off".


       You crave more ease and enjoyment in life.


       You're trapped in stress, snapping at small things.

       You're drowning in a sea of self-doubt, feeling stuck before the day begins.


All you really want is to be able to relax and enjoy life – but it just doesn’t feel that easy. You’re ready to silence that inner-critic and shift to a place where you feel capable, self assured, and good about yourself.

You’ve got an incredible life, and you want to be able to enjoy it without that critical voice playing in the background or that sense of worry bringing you down. Listen, I've got you. 

The solution to every challenge you're facing lies within. But you don't have to go at it alone.


Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are repetitive, driven by our subconscious? When we can change the blueprint of our thoughts and emotional reactions in the subconscious layer of the mind, the neural pathways that trigger our self sabotaging behaviors, fears, and anxiety begin to dissolve. I work with women who are ready to heal at a deeper level. Does that sound like you?

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Take a moment to imagine yourself...

Starting your day with a sense of calm that stays with you

Tackling challenges head-on and celebrating your victories, no matter the size.

Moving through your day with lightness, unburdened by the small stuff.

Traffic jams becoming a chance to enjoy your favorite songs and spilled milk, a moment to giggle with your kids.

Sleeping through the night peacefully.

Celebrating your strengths and embracing your imperfections with kindness.

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Consultations are a casual, easy, and pressure free way for you to learn about how I can help.  

Happy Woman

What Clients Say

"My RTT session with Ellen was completely transformational. The amount I was able to process through, and find clarity in with one ninety-minute hypnotherapy session was amazing. Typically it would take me months of traditional talk therapy to get to those places of clarity. Hypnotherapy was the missing link for me in my healing journey. I had so many repressed memories from childhood that were the root of some of my most difficult habits and thought patterns. Being able to access and process through them, with RTT, has giving me tools to now identify the negative stories, and re-write them to align with my truest self. Ellen’s voice was so calming and she guides with such wisdom and empathy."

- Madison

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