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Ellen Haines

Hypnotherapist & Transformation Specialist

Help your people thrive.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"
- William James

Give your team more than a basic talk on stress management and resilience. 

  • Spark transformation

  • Shift their mindset

  • Empower them with tangible tools

  • Inspire greatness

  • Increase team productivity and happiness

  • Energize team culture


Elevating. Empowering. Effective. 

Ellen is a leader, visionary, and guide. She’s a powerful force for change, yet a calming presence for relaxation.


Her decade long experience leading teams of 50+ people in a high powered engineering role means she "gets it", because she's been there before. Burnout and chronic stress are impacting teams and company culture everywhere.

Ellen's powerful group hypnotherapy sessions will guide your team to rise above stress, self doubt, and overwhelm so they can lead with confidence, feel better, and deliver results. 

It's like a corporate spa day for the mind.

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If you're looking for someone remarkable on the topics of stress management, anxiety, or imposter syndrome - you just found her.

Hypnosis is safe, natural, and effective.

Hypnosis is just a fancy way of talking to the inner mind; the part of us that drives learning, behavior, and daily thought patterns. It's like a super charged meditation with a goal. 


It's part art, part science and goes much deeper than basic conversation. 

Ellen's workshops, events, and programs are customized to your objectives. 

Whether you're trying to help an auditorium of 300 relax and reduce stress, or a conference room of 12 step into new levels of thought leadership, Ellen will send your audience back into the world with actionable tools, confidence, and the power to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, changemakers, and communicators your company strives to create.

Corporate hypnotherapy and meditation can help your team

  • Increase productivity, confidence, and motivation

  • Reduce stress and burnout

  • Increase resiliency in the face of change

  • Unlock higher brain function and new levels of creativity

  • Ditch their inner critic so they can lead with courage

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