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heal with ellen

Hypnotherapy + Subconscious Mind Coaching


Give your team more than a basic talk on stress management and resilience. 

  • Discover strategies to convert workplace pressure into peak performance

  • Unlock new levels of job satisfaction

  • Gain tangible tools for stress reduction

  • Increase team productivity and happiness

  • Build a thriving team culture

Elevating. Empowering. Effective. 


Ellen is a leader, visionary, and guide. She’s a powerful force for change, yet a calming presence for relaxation.


Her decade long experience leading software teams means she "gets it". Aggressive deadlines, zoom overwhelm, and a never ending to-do list means burnout and chronic stress are impacting teams and company culture everywhere.

Ellen's powerful group meditation sessions and workshops will guide your team to rise above stress, self doubt, and overwhelm so they can lead with confidence, feel better, and deliver results. 

It's like a corporate spa day for the mind.

Unlock Immediate Benefits

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Mood Improvement

A single meditation session can lead to an immediate enhancement in mood and a reduction in symptoms of anxiety. According to a study in the Mindfulness journal, participants reported feeling significantly less anxious and more peaceful after just one meditation session.

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Stress Reduction

A study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology found that even a single session of mindfulness meditation can significantly reduce the physical markers of stress, such as cortisol levels, by up to 20%.

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Enhanced Focus + Attention

Research indicates that just 20 minutes of meditation can improve concentration and attention span. A study in the Consciousness and Cognition journal observed immediate improvements in attention following a brief meditation session.

"Inviting Ellen to speak at Harvard about the transformative potential of hypnotherapy proved to be an exceptionally insightful decision. Her extensive expertise and engaging delivery resonated deeply with the audience, fostering a highly interactive session filled with meaningful inquiries. This collaboration not only facilitated an enriching exchange of ideas but also reinforced our commitment to promoting holistic wellness and the exploration of pioneering health strategies."


If you're looking for someone remarkable on the topics of stress management, brain optimization, or workplace imposter syndrome - you just found her.

Ellen's workshops are customized to your objectives. 

Whether you're trying to help an auditorium of 3,000 relax, or a conference room of 12 step into new levels of thought leadership, Ellen will send your audience back into the world feeling confident and clear-headed. 

Popular Workshops + Experiences

Model in Red Outfit

The Resilience Blueprint: How To Navigate Hard Times

An honest look at resilience. Learn how your subconscious mind is affecting your ability to respond to challenges. 

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