Ellen Haines

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Ellen Haines

Hypnotherapist & Transformation Specialist

A different kind of therapy. 

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Feeling stuck and looking for a breakthrough?

You want to transcend the underlying obstacles in your life... And you have tried your best, but keep falling back into old patterns and aren't sure things will get better. You're ready to do the deep, subconscious, inner work it takes to know and understand yourself at a deeper level. You don't want life to just suck less, you want life to be meaningful and full of the type of joy that comes from the inside.

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The people who come to me want real, concrete answers.

They're sick of talking about change and want to see real results. 

They want to go deep, work with their inner mind in new ways, and commit to a process that is highly effective. 


They have a struggle, challenge, or problem they haven’t been able to overcome and they don’t know why. 

Often times they’ve gone to therapy and still feel stuck which makes things feel even worse (what's wrong with me?)​. ...Hint, nothing is wrong with you. You just need to learn how to work with your mind, not against it. 

What Clients Say

"My RTT session with Ellen was completely transformational. The amount I was able to process through, and find clarity in with one ninety-minute hypnotherapy session was amazing. Typically it would take me months of traditional talk therapy to get to those places of clarity. Hypnotherapy was the missing link for me in my healing journey. I had so many repressed memories from childhood that were the root of some of my most difficult habits and thought patterns. Being able to access and process through them, with RTT, has giving me tools to now identify the negative stories, and re-write them to align with my truest self. Ellen’s voice was so calming and she guides with such wisdom and empathy."

- Madison

So, what makes this different and how does it work?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a neuroscience backed hypnotherapy method that was formed over decades by working with real people, on real issues. ​It offers meaningful results in 1-3 sessions. Bonus, we don't need to spend several sessions on you telling me about your entire life's story. 

We start by talking about your challenges, and more importantly, what would make life feel amazing. Not just good, or okay, or better... Amazing

Your session isn’t really a session, it’s more of an experience. It’s unlike any therapy session you’ve ever had because we go deep into your subconscious and get you answers to questions that will change your entire life. I've had people open their eyes and actually say "holy f*cking sh*t that was crazy". 

My job is to help you not only find out why you’re feeling how you’re feeling, but to also give you the understanding it takes to transcend it. Understanding is power. 

You've probably heard the phrase " change your thoughts, change your life". Well it's true. I know, I know...easier said than done. That's where I come in. 

Your session will weed out all of the sticky, dark, complicated stuff that’s hard to look at. And yes, it’s not always easy. It can be emotional. I’m here to guide you through it, hold space for you, and support you as you process what needs to be processed. Lightness, clarity, joy, and a sense of relief are waiting for you on the other side.

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Who do you work with?

(So glad you asked!)



  • General, High Functioning, Relationship, Social, OCD

  • Stress + overwhelm meets hypercritical perfectionism

  • The kind where your brain is a total killjoy


  • That sinking feeling that makes it hard to get out of bed

  • Feeling like you have a giant raincloud following you around

  • Lonely, even when there are people around

Messy Childhood Stuff

  • Angry, absentee, or unloving parents

  • Physical or sexual abuse and trauma

  • Parents who were impossible to please


Self Esteem Challenges

  • Hating your reflection + self critical level 100

  • Self doubt + imposter syndrome

  • People pleasing or productivity based self worth



  • Overcome infertility + miscarriage holistically

  • PPA / PPD

  • Angry outbursts


Career Success

  • Crush your career and financial goals, without crushing yourself

  • Step into new levels of confidence and build authority

  • Claim your worth $$$

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Group Meditation Courses

Master your mind, regulate your nervous system, and become a self sufficient meditator with this 3 day course.

The Motherhood Bundle

Affordable guided hypnosis audios to support, nourish, and  empower expecting and postpartum mamas.

Corporate Events

Help your people thrive. Bring hypnosis, meditation, or yoga to your team. 


Past Life Regression Therapy

Take your mind on a journey to the past. Explore your purpose, understand patterns, and learn about your soul's history. 

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