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wellbeing with yoga & meditation

I believe that yoga & meditation have the power to change lives. 


I'm a certified yoga and meditation teacher with a wealth of experience and a passion for sharing these practices with anyone seeking to learn them.

It brings me great joy to witness the transformation in my client's lives. I'm here to teach you, motivate you, and support you.


I'd love to be your guide. 

3 Day Learn to Meditate Course

Make meditation a simple, daily habit. In this course, you'll learn the 1 Giant Mind "Being" meditation technique. 

This meditation technique is perfect for:

  • busy people, with busy minds 

  • those who are new to meditation

  • anyone who's struggled to meditate in the past

In this technique, there's no need to try and stop yourself from thinking or to try and make yourself more relaxed. This technique naturally triggers relaxation and deep rest in the body while helping the mind to quiet.

This technique is known for it's effectiveness in stress management, improving sleep, and establishing greater awareness in our every day life. 

Private & Group Yoga

Train with me! Whether you've never set foot on a yoga mat or have years of experience, I help my clients build strength, push past their perceived limitations, and find joy in their practice. 


 - Private Yoga

 - Group Classes

 - Corporate Yoga

 - Strength & Inversion Training

 - Intensives & Workshops

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