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Ellen Haines

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Ellen Haines

Hypnotherapist & Transformation Specialist

Feeling stuck and looking for a breakthrough?

You're a perfect candidate for rapid transformational therapy if...

You're ready to transcend the underlying obstacles in your life. This probably means letting go of the old to welcome the new. My job is to help you


You have tried your best, but keep falling back into old patterns. We'll address this. 


You're willing to do the deep, subconscious, inner work it takes to heal on the inside. This is not symptom management.


You don't want life to just suck less, you want life to be amazing. Duh.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy resolves the subconscious blocks and emotional traumas that lie beneath. The result is (whole)istic healing and lasting change.  

"Hypnotherapy was the missing link for me in my healing journey"

- RTT Client

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What do you specialize in?

(So glad you asked!)


  • General, Relationship, Social, OCD, Phobias

  • Stress, overwhelm, fear, and worry

  • The kind where your brain is a total killjoy

Career Success

  • Confidence, imposter syndrome, perfectionism

  • Say bye to procrastination and hello to taking action

  • Healing financial blocks + scarcity


  • Dealing with unresolved emotional wounds and childhood trauma

  • Command Cell Therapy

  • Pain management and emotional support


  • Feeling like you have a giant raincloud following you around

  • Lonely, even when there's people around

  • Healing shame, blame, anger, and guilt


  • Codependency

  • Narcissistic abuse

Self Esteem Challenges

Sexual Trauma + Abuse

Women's Health

  • PMDD

  • Infertility + conception challenges

  • IVF support

  • PPA / PPD

  • Birth Trauma

"My session was mind blowing.
Being able to unlock what was holding me back was so powerful. Hypnosis took me right back to the exact moment I developed my limiting beliefs which was so crazy. "

- RTT Client

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So, what makes this different and how does it work?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a neuroscience backed hypnotherapy method that was formed by working with real people, on real issues. ​It offers meaningful and you guessed it... rapid results.

Sure, we'll talk about your challenges. More importantly, we'll dive deep into what would make life feel amazing. Not just good, or okay, or better... Amazing. Not sure what that looks like? Not to worry, I'm here to help you. 

Your session isn’t really a session, it’s more of an experience. It’s unlike any therapy session you’ve ever had because we go deep into your subconscious and figure out what's actually holding you back.

My job is to help you pull out the weeds in your mental garden, plant seeds of change, and heal any emotional wounds that are keeping you stuck in the past. It's like a giant inner software upgrade.

Nervous of what may come up in your session? Rest easy...I’m here to guide you, hold space for you, and support you as you process what needs to be processed. Lightness, clarity, joy, and a sense of relief are waiting for you on the other side.

"The amount I was able to process through, and find clarity in with one session was amazing. Typically it would take me months of traditional talk therapy to get to those places of clarity."

- RTT Client

Looking for something else?

Free Yoga

Yoga + Meditation

Have an event? Ask Ellen to curate a special experience for virtually any need. 

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Corporate Wellbeing

Help your people rise above stress, self doubt, and overwhelm so they can lead with confidence. 

Image by Alex Quezada

Past Life Regression

Uncover the lessons and experiences from a past life. 

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