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rapid Transformational THerapy 

Ellen Haines

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Meaningful anxiety help, in as little as 1-3 sessions.

The Basics

Holistic, solutions focused therapy to make your mind a happier place to be. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy is an innovative and critically-acclaimed therapeutic approach drawing upon powerful tools and techniques to offer fast, long-lasting results. 

RTT takes a personalized and solutions focused approach to reframe any negative beliefs, values, habits and emotions - many of which you may have carried since childhood. These beliefs can be deeply buried within your subconscious mind, and you may be unaware of how the past has affected you.

Hypnosis is leveraged in every RTT session to quickly uncover the root cause of your anxious tendencies. You'll gain immense amounts of clarity about yourself, and with this understanding you'll be able to move forward in an empowered state, ready to implement solutions and heal from your past. 

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Have you ever wondered if the amount of stress or anxiety you are feeling is healthy? Everyone gets anxious sometimes, and some anxiety is normal but when anxiety starts to get in the way of you enjoying life, it may be time to get some help. 

You have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.

Your brain won't shut off at night, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

Anxiety gets in the way of you enjoying social situations, things you love doing, or even while on vacation.

You're ruled by high expectations of yourself and feel an excessive need to control outcomes.

Your thoughts are intrusive and your mind feels like a place you want to escape from.

You feel like you can't catch up, no matter how hard you try.

You think of everything that could go wrong, question everything you do, or worry about things in the future.

You're not alone. Anxiety affects more than 1 in 5 people. The thing about anxiety is that it is an internal battle. You may be leading a seemingly normal life, but on the inside you're struggling. The solution to anxiety lies within. Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are repetitive, driven by our subconscious?  When we can change the blueprint of our thoughts and emotional reactions in the subconscious layer of the mind, the neural pathways that trigger our anxiety begin to dissolve. Hypnotherapy enables you to address anxiety at a deeper level and change the repeating patterns that have kept you stuck for so long.


Is there is a nagging voice inside your head that has you overthinking, planning for what "could go wrong", or feeling paralyzed by fear? Do you manage to get by with to do lists, routines, and controlling tendencies? And does it feel like no matter how successful or productive you are, you still feel like it's not good enough?

I'm Ellen and I've been where you are. My high strung ways led me to struggle with stress and anxiety for years so I know how exhausting it can be. It’s kinda like your brain is running a million miles a second and all you want to do is shut off the worry, criticism, and negative thinking.

I will work side by side with you to get to the root cause of your anxiety (which is often hidden in your subconscious) and heal it from all angles. 


I will help you reduce stress and anxiety, stabilize your nervous system, and rewire your thoughts. My goal is to make your mind a positive, calm, and happy place to be. 

How It Works

The Session: Part 1

RTT is a solutions focused therapy. This means understanding your goals is a critical part of the process. In part 1 we have a 30 min chat about how you're struggling and what life would look like without anxiety.

The Session: Part 2

Buckle up. This is a powerful  90 minute hypnotherapy session where we'll quickly uncover the root cause of your issue, identify any subconscious blocks, and reinstall new beliefs that will create the transformation you seek.

21 Days of Self Hypnosis

You'll receive a personalized hypnosis mp3 which is an integral part of the change process. You will listen to it daily for 21 days following your session to lock in the changes made in your session and create new neural pathways in the mind.

Take a moment to imagine yourself...

Feeling confident, having high self esteem, and speaking kindly to yourself on a daily basis.

Actually enjoying yourself when out with friends or on vacation

No more overthinking or second guessing yourself.

Experiencing life with greater ease (and a lot less worry)

Sleeping through the night peacefully

Handling challenging situations with an "I got this" attitude

Loving yourself, loving life, and loving your mind.

Smiling Friends

Client Feedback

My RTT session with Ellen was completely transformational. The amount I was able to process through, and find clarity in with one ninety-minute hypnotherapy session was amazing. Typically it would take me months of traditional talk therapy to get to those places of clarity. Hypnotherapy was the missing link for me in my healing journey. I had so many repressed memories from childhood that were the root of some of my most difficult habits and thought patterns. Being able to access and process through them, with RTT, has giving me tools to now identify the negative stories, and re-write them to align with my truest self. Ellen’s voice was so calming and she guides with such wisdom and empathy.

- Madison

Ellen‘s approach to hypnotherapy is fundamentally compassionate, insightful, and effective. She is able to make you feel comfortable and safe with her kind and supportive practice.


Ellen is incredibly diligent, prepared, competent, and thoughtful in everything she does, and this certainly applies to her practice as a therapist. She is especially helpful in supporting needs in perfectionism, and leverages her own successful experience applying mindfulness practices in her personal and professional life.


Tapping into the needs of my inner child and practicing the affirmations I’ve always needed to hear has really helped me to feel more confident with all the projects I’m taking on and the stress I am dealing with in my life. I wasn’t able to unlock this until working with a therapist and in hypnotherapy with Ellen. It has opened up a whole new avenue to replacing self-destructive thoughts with healing ones. 

- Anonymous Patient

Thank you so much Ellen for our session! Thank you for really helping me see and understand past traumas. The traumas that I thought I had fully healed, but you pulled out the rest the shadows still hiding. Bringing me to such a huge breakthrough mentally, physically, and emotionally. Your voice was so soothing, and brought me to such a level of relaxation. You made me feel so comfortable, and your guidance through out the whole experience is one I will never forget.

- Mercedes

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