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I started my yoga practice on Jan 1, 2011 out of a New Years' resolution. Unable to keep up a gym routine, I just wanted to finally find a physical activity I could stick with. From day one, I was hooked and quickly realized how badly I needed the practice mentally. I had never known or understood the feeling of syncing my breath with movement and I frequently felt as though my mind was running a million miles per hour. Yoga helped me find peace within myself and settle my racing mind.

Three years into my practice, I had a yearning to go deeper so I traveled to Rishikesh, India for a month-long intensive (200 hr YTT) at the Association for Yoga and Meditation. I took away a deeper knowledge, appreciation, and reverence for this sacred practice. Shortly after, I began teaching and over the years, my love for the practice has only grown as I continue to develop my own practice while sharing my experience with others.

I enjoy teaching challenging, yet accessible vinyasa classes that emphasize alignment, breath, and concentration. I believe that when you conquer challenges on your mat, you develop the strength and confidence to conquer the challenges you face off it. 

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