Nice to meet you.


Hi, I'm Ellen. I'm a software development leader, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and stress management advocate. 

My wellness journey began 10 years ago with a simple yoga practice in my college apartment living room.


After years of competitive soccer, I struggled with joint and back pain and struggled to stay active. I was your typical over achiever. I graduated with a 3.9 gpa, was on the board of 3 different clubs, and worked 30+ hours a week. To say I was stressed out was an understatement. On the outside I had it all together but internally I was just trying to keep my head above water. 


Cue yoga...


From day one, I was hooked and quickly realized how badly I needed the practice both physically and mentally. Yoga helped me develop a deeper connection and appreciation for my body than all my years as an athlete. Learning how to breathe and watch my thoughts helped me find stillness within myself and settle my racing mind.

Three years into my practice, I had a yearning to go deeper so I traveled to Rishikesh, India to train for my teaching certification (200 hr YTT) at the Association for Yoga and Meditation. I took away a deeper knowledge, appreciation, and reverence for the practice. Shortly after, I began teaching and over the years, my love for the practice has only grown as I continue to develop my own practice while sharing my experience with others.

More recently I've delved into the mind, practicing and studying Vedic meditation. In April of 2020 I became a certified 1 Giant Mind meditation instructor. As a busy leader in the corporate world, I'm no stranger to stress. Yoga will always be my first love, but meditation is my life long partner. Vedic Meditation has completely transformed my life. It's reduced my stress levels in a way that I've never experienced, improved my sleep, and helped me to create a happy space in my own mind - regardless of whatever challenges I'm experiencing.


What to Expect in my Yoga Classes:

 - I enjoy teaching challenging, yet accessible "flow" classes that emphasize alignment, breath, and concentration. I believe that when you conquer challenges on your mat, you develop the strength and confidence to conquer the challenges you face off expect a fair amount of strength work too. :) 

What to Expect in my Meditation Courses:

 - I love working with high achievers. The busy, do-it-all type of people who could use a bit of help with stress management are my ideal clients. I teach you how to enjoy meditation, how to still your racing mind, and I encourage you to show up for yourself in this fast paced world we live in so that you can truly thrive and feel your best in all that you do.