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What Is A Rapid Transformational Therapy Session Like?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

If you're intrigued about Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and are wondering "What's an RTT session like?", this blog post is for you.

In this post you will learn:

1. What RTT is

2. 5 things I've observed about RTT, as an RTT Practitioner

3. What to expect in a session

4. What people who have experienced RTT have to say about it

Let's dive in, shall we?

First off, what in the heck is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

The RTT method was developed by globally acclaimed hypnotherapist and best selling author, Marisa Peer.

The thing I like most about RTT is that it wasn't created in academia by professors and researchers. It was created inside Marisa's therapy room. It uses simple, yet profound methods that get to the heart of people's issues, fast.

Marisa is a pioneer in the field of therapy. She spent 30 years, helping thousands of clients overcome every issue under the sun. She observed what delivered powerful breakthroughs and learned from their setbacks. She learned how the mind works at a deep level. Over time, she was able to construct a method that can be applied to any issue and consistently deliver life-changing results.

I recall back to my training with Marisa where she would continuously say, "I always learn from my clients".

As an RTT Practitioner, here are the top 5 things I've observed about RTT in action.

1. The comment I get more than anything else when a client opens their eyes at the end of a session is "I feel so much lighter".

2. The process of regressing a client back to the root cause of their issues consistently reveals hidden information and new insights about themselves

3. Clients are surprised at how vivid their long-forgotten memories are while in hypnosis. They're even more surprised about how those experiences still affect them in adulthood.

4. Clients love their recordings. I consistently hear that the recording helps brings them into a positive mental state anytime they get into a funk or slip back into an old pattern.

5. RTT is incredibly empowering. It gives people who grew up feeling like they weren't seen or didn't have a voice the opportunity to take their power back.

What to expect in your session

Every session kicks off with a casual discussion about your challenge(s). Your therapist will ask you deeper questions about how you're struggling and learn a little bit about your upbringing and your family. Then they will work with you to understand exactly what it is that you want in life. Your therapist will elicit lots of detail from you, which will be used to curate your session.

In the session itself, you will be brought into a state of hypnosis. This is nothing to worry about! You will feel very relaxed, yet you will be in complete control the entire time. You'll speak to your therapist while in hypnosis and you'll remember the details of your session.

A session typically lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours. While every session is slightly different, you will always be guided back to the root cause of the issue or challenge you're wanting to resolve. The rest of your session will be used to address what comes up, allow you to make sense of the scenes, process repressed emotions, and reframe your beliefs.

After your session, you'll receive your personalized transformation recording and will begin listening to it daily. This is an incredibly crucial step in the process! The session itself will deliver many aha moments and you will heal and process a lot of emotion. But in order for any change to occur in your underlying thought processes, we need repetition. The daily recording creates new neural pathways and ensures you don't revert back to old patterns after the session has ended.

What do clients say about RTT?

To answer the question, "what is RTT like?" I thought it would be helpful to ask a few clients to share their experiences, in their own words.

Client 1 - Megan

Presenting issue - PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

Megan is an incredibly kind and caring person who didn't feel like herself due to PMDD. After a series of letdowns from traditional medicine, she turned to RTT as a last resort. Here is what she had to say.

What made you want to try hypnotherapy? Had you ever heard of Rapid Transformational Therapy or had any experience with this before?

I had never tried RTT prior to my first session with Ellen. I tried Rapid Transformational Therapy when I was at my wit’s end, trying every healing modality to cure my PMDD for the last time. I identified correctly that this problem was linked to childhood trauma, rather than a hormonal issue. After a little bit of investigation online, I came across RTT as being a promising treatment option for PMDD, and instantly searched for sessions in my area.

What was life like before your session / What were you hoping to get out of the session?

Before my RTT session, my life was an emotional rollercoaster every month during my luteal phase. Negative thoughts would take over and control my mind. The worst part for me was the once-a-month, blazing fights I would have with my partner over almost nothing, and the level of sorrow and despair I would frequently experience - sometimes I would be crying for days.

Was there anything you didn't expect or something that surprised you about the session?

The session itself felt very powerful. I was left physically and emotionally fatigued for a couple of days after. Whilst I didn’t get any instant euphoria, what I did experience over the course of the couple of months was a huge increase in confidence, happiness, inner peace, and positivity. I almost didn’t think it would be possible to be free of PMDD, and here I am, less than three months later with confidence that things will only get better and that it truly feels like a thing of the past.

For anyone who hasn't experienced hypnosis, what would you tell them about it? What does it feel like?

Doing anything for the first time is naturally scary, but there is NOTHING scary about Hypnosis as it is a state of deep relaxation/trance. During your Hypnosis session, Ellen communicates back and forth with you to help guide you into a trance state to start your healing journey. During your session, your eyes will be closed, but you can still hear everything that’s being said and be completely aware of what’s going on around you. Hypnosis only works if YOU have faith in the process and if you want it to work.

What changes did you experience during the session vs after listening to your recording for 30 days?

During my session with Ellen, I felt extremely cared for and safe. Although I did cry a little during the end of my session (everyone is different), it was a very cleansing experience. I listened to the daily recordings for 30 days. I wanted to make sure that these thoughts were truly diminishing and that my subconscious was being communicated to positively.

How has life changed since your session and what would you say to anyone who's on the fence about trying hypnotherapy?

I got so much more out of my RTT experiences than being rid of PMDD. I honestly think that it has so much to offer to all types of conditions, since so much of what manifests in the body as disease and disorder is associated with trauma and held in the body, and RTT is an incredible tool for letting it out. Ellen is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and genuine practitioner and I’m extremely glad that I chose to give RTT with her.

Client: Sarah

Presenting Issue: Irrational Fears

Sarah is a bright woman whose natural positivity and adventurous spirit was being overshadowed by intrusive thoughts, worst-case scenario thinking, and irrational worries. Here's what Sarah had to say.

What made you want to try hypnotherapy? Had you heard of Rapid Transformational Therapy or had any experience with this before?

I thought the science behind hypnotherapy was really interesting. I had recently started meditating, and I became more interested in brain science. I know a few people who tried hypnosis and benefited from it so I wanted to give it a try!

What were you hoping to get out of the session?

I was hoping to change pesky self-limiting thought patterns.

What surprised you most about the session?

I was worried that I didn't prepare enough or put enough thought into what I wanted to discuss. But there's no preparation needed! Embrace going with the flow for the session. Think of Ellen as your guide!

For anyone who hasn't experienced hypnosis, what would you tell them about it? What does it feel like?

I felt grounded after the 2-hour session. It felt like I reconnected with myself.

What changes did you experience during the session vs after listening to your recording for 21 days?

I've really enjoyed listening to the recording daily! I still listen to it weekly. I've started noticing my thought patterns changing. It wasn't an overnight change for me -- but after 21 days, I really started experiencing healthy changes in my thought patterns!

How has life changed since your session and what would you say to anyone who's on the fence about trying hypnotherapy?

I would tell them that the initial hypnotherapy session is only 2 hours -- why not try it?? There is so much potential upside -- it's so worth the very small time investment!

Hi, I'm Ellen - Certified Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, spiritual hypnotist and your own personal hype woman...

I believe that inner work is life's most important work, but it shouldn't take a lifetime. I help people overcome anxiety, depression, and trauma by putting them in touch with their most powerful tool, their subconscious mind.

Visit to learn more.

Ready to embark on your own personal journey of self-discovery and healing?

Interested in trying RTT?

Ellen specializes in helping people to overcome anxiety, depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem, anger, relationship issues, trauma, and childhood issues. Those who are committed will experience a significant change after their first session with life-changing results after multiple. You can expect to uncover the root cause of your challenges, preprogram your subconscious, reparent your inner child, deal with trauma, and gain the mindset and tools you need to move forward.

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