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10 Ways Past Life Regression Therapy Will Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

If there's one thing my hypnotherapy practice has taught me, it's that things are not always as they seem. I'm often the final stop and last resort for most people who are struggling with longstanding issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and even physical health conditions.

The Western world of medicine works to analytically pick apart an issue and understand it intellectually...scientifically. This happens with mental and physical issues alike. Questions are asked, symptoms are gathered, and a label is assigned. Based on that label, you get a recommended course of action.

Despite knowing more than we've ever known about the human body, I often hear from my clients that so much is unexplained. They've seen countless doctors or done countless hours of therapy with little relief.

I'm not saying the clinical route isn't a valid or effective approach. I'm saying that if you're not getting answers from that approach, there's another avenue to consider. An avenue that

  1. Acknowledges the vast interconnectedness of your body, mind, and spirit

  2. Harnesses the healing medicine of your own inner wisdom

  3. Assumes there is no illness, only imbalance and when we bring everything back into balance (your soul included), healing occurs...rapidly

  4. Puts you in the driver's seat of your destiny

Are you in pursuit of a profound and transformative healing journey that delves into the reason "why" behind your patterns and symptoms? Would you like to uncover your true essence and unveil the deeper purpose for your time here on earth?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a captivating and enlightening odyssey into the recesses of your consciousness. It has been steadily rising in popularity, as individuals endeavor to unearth the lessons of their previous lifetimes so that they can unlock wisdom that will allow them to thrive in this one.

Past Life Regression therapy could be one of the most enlightening and life-changing decisions you'll ever make. Let's explore why...

1. Unearth Profound Insights into Your Past Lives

Past Life Regression offers a unique opportunity to explore your soul's journey. By revisiting your past lives, you can uncover profound revelations about who you once were, your experiences, key relationships, and the choices you made. These insights can provide invaluable guidance for your present life.

A recent client of mine is a business owner who has always had a mission to hire, mentor, and empower other women. She never understood why this drive was so strong. When we explored her past lives, she unearthed experiences where she had to rely heavily on others for food and safety. She vowed in that lifetime that that would never happen to her again, and made it her mission to make sure other women didn't have to endure what she did in that lifetime.

2. Healing and Resolution

One of the most powerful aspects of PLR therapy is its potential for healing and resolution. Unresolved issues from past lives can often manifest as emotional or physical ailments in your current life. By exploring and understanding these unresolved issues, we're able to work with the energetic blockages that have carried over from the past life, resulting in rapid and long-lasting relief for many conditions and ailments.

I worked with a woman who had breast cancer. During her sessions, she encountered scenes of immense guilt for betraying her family. She even had a heart attack in a past life. Later she had visions of angels working on her heart to heal the breast cancer. 3 months later her tumor was gone (even though she had halted modern medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy).

Another client with psoriasis all over her shins went to a past life in Egypt. The year was 436 BC and she was a palace guard. A strong male who lived a fulfilling role but not a fulfilling life because he wasn't allowed to live a life of his own. His dedication to the king and neglect for his own personal wellbeing led to his shins being rubbed raw from the armor he wore day in and day out. That day my client received a message from her higher self. She was told that the psoriasis wasn't a disease but a wound of neglect. She walked away with a powerful lesson that it was time to start taking better care of herself.

3. Connect with the Spiritual World

Before ending a session I guide my clients into the spirit world or what is also referred to as "life between lives". This is a deeply special and unique experience that affords you the opportunity to experience what it's like to die, rise up and out of your body, and into the light. Each client describes this experience differently but they all use similar words. It is peaceful, blissful, and full of joy. Most of the time there is a bright light of some sort and once they move into the light there are often other souls who are there waiting for them. These could be loved ones who've passed as well as their spirit guides or masters.

Having the chance to directly connect with a loved one that you lost or a spirit guide is incredibly special. Whether connecting with a loved one or a guide, valuable knowledge, and heartfelt connection are always shared. I especially love hearing guidance come through from spirit guides. They are often a bit sassy and the wisdom they provide is quite cheeky.

4. Gain Clarity on Life's Purpose

Many people grapple with questions about their life's purpose and this is one of the most common reasons people choose to explore their past lives. Through Past Life Regression, you will undoubtedly gain a clearer understanding of your soul's mission and purpose in this lifetime. This insight can provide you with a sense of direction, especially when grappling with a big career decision.

Recently a client was able to leave her big corporate job, move to a new state, and embark on a new career path in the hospitality industry. This came after she uncovered a life where she was separated from her family but ultimately became a business owner. That life showed her that she had intense willpower, independence, and perseverance allowing her to set her fears aside and take a chance on her dream.

5. Discover Soul Connections

PLR therapy can reveal connections between souls that span across lifetimes. You may uncover the reasons behind strong connections or conflicts with certain individuals in your life. Understanding these connections can help you navigate your current relationships more effectively.

One of the most beautiful sessions I've had the pleasure of guiding was for a woman who lost her husband to cancer earlier that year. During her session, she was able to reconnect with her late husband in several prior lifetimes. He was her child in one life that died in a famine in Israel, circa 1310. In another life, she went to Holland where she lived in a small village with her husband, an engineer who wouldn't stop talking about windmills. They lived a beautiful life and had 5 children. Later on in her session, she was able to connect with him in the Spirit world and receive messages that he was well and that he is always with her.

6. Release Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage accumulated from past life experiences can weigh heavily on your present life. By revisiting and releasing this emotional baggage through Past Life Regression, you can experience emotional freedom and a renewed sense of lightness.

One time a man who was raised in a Christian upbringing came to me. He wasn't sure he believed in the concept of reincarnation but had an inner impulse to explore it because he had a strange affinity towards the Vietnam War. After a series of sessions, he found himself bursting into tears because he was an airplane gunner in the war and had just killed a man in battle. While the experience was intense, it allowed him to release a heavy unexplained weight that felt like guilt.

7. Improve Personal Relationships

Past Life Regression can shed light on the dynamics of your current relationships. By understanding the past-life connections between you and others, you can enhance your relationships, resolve conflicts, and build stronger, more harmonious connections.

A woman once came to me wanting help understanding why there was some resistance within her current relationship. When she and her partner found each other later in life they immediately felt like they "knew each other" and the connection they felt was unlike anything they'd experienced. During her session, she went to a lifetime in the early 1800's. They lived in a small town together. He was the pastor of the town church with a wife and children. During that lifetime he had an affair with her but was never able to leave his wife and family for fear of being judged and rejected by the patrons of the church and village. Making this connection allowed them to move forward in their relationship and embrace the love that they had, which they couldn't do in their prior life.

8. Accelerate Spiritual Growth

If you're on a journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, Past Life Regression can be a powerful tool. It provides a window into your spiritual evolution over multiple lifetimes, allowing you to accelerate your spiritual growth and development.

Soul contracts are the agreements made on a spiritual level in between each lifetime you're given. Every soul creates these contracts with other souls, including those in their soul groups, higher power, and guides. These contracts are agreements specifically tailored to supporting each soul in their development and to foster growth, and learning amongst other souls.

Past Life Regression and Life Between Life therapy allows you to directly explore your past karmas, soul contract, and uncover deeper lessons that you're meant to learn while you're here in this lifetime. This can shed light on deeply engrained patterns that you struggle with and give you the insights and lessons needed to overcome them.

9. Connect with Higher Self

During a Past Life Regression session, you can connect with your higher self, the part of your consciousness that transcends time and space. This connection can provide profound wisdom, guidance, and a sense of oneness with the universe.

In this space, healing is a one-step process. When a client comes into contact with their higher self, I know because the guidance that comes through is clear, direct, simple, and powerful. It is never intellectual or overly verbose. I am often blown away because the verbiage is simple enough for a child to understand but profound enough to come from a spiritual master.

10. Personal Transformation

Ultimately, Past Life Regression has the potential to lead to a profound personal transformation. By exploring your past lives, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your purpose, and your journey through time. This self-awareness can empower you to make positive changes in your life and embrace your full potential.

Hi, I'm Ellen - spiritual hypnotist and transformation specialist...

I believe that inner work is life's most important work, but it shouldn't take a lifetime. I help people overcome anxiety, depression, and trauma by putting them in touch with their most powerful tool, their subconscious mind.

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Ready to embark on your own personal journey of self-discovery and healing?

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