Practice With Me

Whether your goal is to increase strength or flexibility, hold a handstand, or simply find a bit of calm in your day, I can help. I offer private lessons, group classes, meditation courses, a handstand program, retreats, and corporate yoga/meditation.


Online Yoga

Check out my class schedule below for upcoming online classes. 

Private Yoga

 I'll work with you one-on-one to understand your pain points as well as your wellness goals in order to create a personalized plan, just for you. Let me know how I can support you. 

Corporate Yoga

Whether you're looking to release stress, bring a little bit of mindfulness into your day, or get your blood flowing, my yoga classes will motivate your team to stay healthy, happy, and energized at work.


I don't have any retreats scheduled at this time but have some plans brewing for when it's safer to travel. Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming events.



Weekly Strength & Stability Yoga Flow

Get out of your head and into your body! This is a dynamic and fluid yoga class that integrates breath with slow, controlled movement. Expect to challenge yourself, sweat, and feel restored at the end.

  • Class Day/Time: Wednesday's at 5:15 PT

  • Classes are sliding scale ($5-$25). Simply choose what you want to pay and send to

  • Then use this link to join (password: flow123)




"As a yoga practitioner who is no longer a beginner (even though I try to keep the “mind” of a beginner) I’m looking for a teacher who will keep things fresh, interesting, and challenging.  I’ve attended over two thousand yoga classes with more than sixty different teachers since I began my practice in 2010 and Ellen is one of my favorites. There are teachers who make a class challenging by stringing together long sequences of high-intensity poses but Ellen is one of the few teachers whose classes are consistently both interesting, challenging, and well thought out."

 - Robert N.

"Ellen has become my favorite teacher – and for a variety of reasons, I receive well from her. She has an engaging demeanor about her, she’s part motivator/part educator. She explains techniques throughout her teaching practice and is personal by calling out people by their names. Spiritually, I feel at peace and relaxed after practicing with Ellen. My vinyasa flows are much more conscious and thoughtful because of how Ellen taught me. She is well respected within the yoga community. I heard people say – are you taking Ellen’s class!? Her teaching style fits well with many – if not all personalities. She reads her classes / students well and makes adjustments well."

 - Todd W.

"Ellen knows how to take people to their edge and give them a challenge.  If you’re open to the challenge, you’ll be amazed at what the body can do if you continue with her classes! I feel completely transformed in strength and capability. Ellen’s class has also given me a solid foundation in alignment because she has exquisite form and precise directions during her sessions. She has an incredible way of encouraging students to take themselves beyond what they may think is possible and attending her classes has helped me build an incredible amount of strength, flexibility and love for inversions that I never knew was possible."

 - Sharon S.

"I have known Ellen for more than 5 years. She is an amazing person which makes her a wonderful yoga teacher.  She is strong, confident, and knowledgeable and brings her passion into each class. She is always prepared and the flow she uses at each class is different and challenging in its own way. The calmness of her voice, the quotes and music she shares are all inspiring. Ellen will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged and you will be amazed at how strong your practice will get over time." 

 - Sharon T.

"Ellen teaches classes challenging enough that I'm forced to focus on yoga and not whatever is on my mind.  She offers a lot of variety between classes so I never get bored. She also offers a lot of variations during her classes so that students can work at their own level and she reminds her students that falling out of a pose is part of yoga and that perfection is not the goal. Ellen's classes are fast moving and challenging but she always offers options to make them easier or harder.  Her classes are a great way to push yourself and try new things."

 - Jennifer P.