3 Day Learn to Meditate Course

In this course, you will learn the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation technique. This technique is easy to learn, effortless to practice, and enables you to become a self-sufficient daily meditator.

In this practice there's no need to try and stop yourself from thinking, no need to try and make yourself more relaxed, and no need to concentrate on or control anything. This technique is all about effortlessness!


The 1 Giant Mind Being technique creates the perfect conditions for the mind to naturally quiet down and the body to fall into a more restful state. Through this technique, we're able to release the layers of stress and fatigue that accumulate in our system while accessing deeper layers of the mind, and expanded states of awareness. 

Practicing this technique on a daily basis allows us to create a deep connection to self as we begin to move through life from a responsive, rather than a reactionary, state. This self-awareness is the catalyst for creating greater wellbeing, joy, and purpose in our lives. 

Other Benefits

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Improved concentration, focus, and memory

  • Increased energy levels, creativity, and self-confidence

  • Improved sleep patterns and relief from insomnia

  • Greater emotional stability

  • Increased happiness and wellbeing​

Course Structure

Three, ninety-minute sessions: 


 Introduce the technique


Practice the technique


Master the technique


What you'll get

  • The 1 Giant Mind Technique Training

  • Confidence in meditating on your own, without the need of an instructor or app. 

  • Tips for how to make meditation a daily habit

  • Ability to re-sit future meditation courses to further deepen your meditation practice

  • Free weekly group meditations with others who've completed the course 

  • Bonus

    • 30 Day Meditation Challenge (optional)

    • Perceived Stress Scale Stress Assessment

Still Unsure? Join an Intro Talk!

This is a free, no-obligation talk where you can come learn about:

  • the impacts of stress on our daily lives and overall wellbeing

  • how this meditation technique can help you

  • the course format

You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions, so you feel fully informed prior to signing up for the course.

I highly recommend Ellen’s stress relief courses! It will change your life. Ellen has taught me how to redirect my stress through means of meditation. By redirecting my stress, I’m able to offer myself a gratifying “eyes open” experience to truly feel the bliss that my mind strives for. She taught me that my thoughts will always be there, but I can choose to remain detached from my limiting beliefs. Ellen will breakdown how thoughts alone are not the cause of suffering and unhappiness. She will provide tools and techniques to ensure a day without stress is possible! Ellen is clear in her approach and ensures that everyone in her courses leave with confidence to add meditation into a daily routine!”

 - Liandren

Like many others, I had heard of the benefits of meditation for quite some time and was always interested in trying the practice but never really committed myself to finding the time to do it. I found it all too easy to make excuses as to why I couldn’t start and I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable. That’s where Ellen came in; her three-day workshop is just enough to get you started but not feel overwhelmed. Before I knew it, my body was actually begging me to meditate and it became my favorite time of the day. In this past week alone I ended up answering some questions about myself that I’d been asking for a very long time. I am so thankful for Ellen’s guidance and I truly feel that she’s given me the tools to change my own life. Don’t hesitate to give this a go! Let Ellen be the gentle nudge you’ve been needing to dive into meditation."

 - Alexis

I am definitely a beginner with meditation and this course was everything I needed to get my foot in the door. I was convinced I would never be able to meditate but this technique and Ellen’s way of teaching made it so easy to realistically practice everyday. I am one week in and can already see a difference in my day to day. My thoughts seem more calm and the amount of anxious moments I have during the day have decreased. I now look forward to my 20 mins, twice a day."

 - Jonna

"Learning this meditation technique has helped me in so many ways already. The way Ellen teaches, makes meditation so accessible to everyone of all levels. Ellen packed in so much information about why we meditate and the effects it has on the brain, as well as detailing step by step how to make it a practice. You can tell she’s very knowledgeable and passionate about what she’s teaching. She made me feel supported and valid in my experiences all through the course and even beyond!"

 - Devon


This 3 Day Learn to Meditate course was so much more than I expected. Ellen shared her personal journey with meditation and spoke to the ancient wisdom behind the practice with simplicity and truth. I love the way she brought together a community of people and challenged us to commit to this journey of learning what it means to encounter pure being." 

 - Madison