It's Time to Rise 

1 Giant Mind Meditation Course

A 3 day meditation intensive to take you from stressed to calm 

Learn how to break free from your busy mind and tap into your inner stillness.


Sound familiar?

It's 3 am. You just woke up (again) and have been tossing and turning for the last thirty minutes. You have a busy day tomorrow and are exhausted, but can't sleep because your mind won't stop. Eventually, you manage to fall back asleep and squeeze in a couple more hours before your 6:30 am alarm goes off. You hit snooze, and roll over, dreading the thought of waking up. Finally, you manage to pull yourself out of bed, splash some water on your face, and hustle to get ready for your first meeting of the day. Coffee is your best friend.

You open your laptop to a mountain of unread emails in your inbox and think "what the hell, it's 8am"! As the day goes by you work through your to-do list but it feels like you can never get caught up. Meanwhile, your personal work to-do list clouds your focus.


You grab more coffee and pull up Instagram to scroll a bit so you can get your mind off of things. 

Later on, you meet with your boss and are given praise for the long hours you've been putting in. You fake a smile and tell her "it's no big deal" but on the inside, you feel like you're barely getting by and you desperately need a vacation. You remind yourself there are only 2 more days until the weekend. 
It feels like your constantly juggling a million things. You're nervous that if you take a break, something will blow up or go wrong, so your mind races from one task to the next, strategizing and worrying about things that shouldn't even matter. Your busy mind is running the show and sometimes you get irritable or feel anxious.



difficulty sitting still




anxious / depressed








negative thinking


lack of energy


brain fog

If you're over there nodding your head wondering if things could be different, I know how you feel. I've been there before. 


I'm your typical goal setting, over achieving, perfectionist with a neverending to-do list. I thrive under pressure and have (historically) had a hard time relaxing. 

My high strung ways led me to struggle with stress and anxiety for years. If you've ever struggled to control your racing thoughts, you know how exhausting it can be. It’s kinda like your brain is running a million miles a second and all you want to do is shut off the worry, criticism, and negative thinking. 

  • I couldn't sleep at night

  • I was irritable, crabby, and impatient

  • I couldn't slow down


Something needed to change... so I made the decision to start a daily meditation practice. I threw myself into courses, apps, trainings, and invested the time in myself. Fast forward several years and life feels very different. I am calmer, less anxious, less irritable, more positive, and more confident. I still experience the same challenges and my to-do list hasn't gotten shorter, yet I handle it with grace and ease.

"To do our inner work is to become familiar with the world within. It is to continue to grow and develop emotionally, psychologically, interpersonally, spiritually, and creatively. It is to tend to the wounds of the past, which are the inevitable result of living and loving, and to seek healing for them."

-  Parker Palmer

You should know that while there are no shortcuts or quick fixes when it comes to your mental, physical, and emotional health YOU have the power to create drastic and lasting change. You absolutely can create an inner world that feels like a place you want to be in.


I want you to imagine...


sleeping through the night peacefully.


moving through your day feeling calm, and capable, even when things are challenging.


feeling energized and clear-headed throughout the day. 


living a life where you notice the things going on around you and can consciously choose how to respond.


experiencing life with greater motivation, creativity, and focus then ever before. 


feeling more emotional stability and joy, just because.


Hi, I'm Ellen

I want to share with you how one simple meditation technique, practiced for 20 minutes a day literally changed my life and so many of my clients lives. You don't need anything but yourself, an open mind, and a bit of dedication to make this practice work for you.

While this 5,000 year old practice was birthed in the East, we need it more than anything now, here in the West. We live fast-paced and hectic lives where we rarely give ourselves the time to sit and simple "Be".


You may be saying, if it was this simple, wouldn't everyone be doing it? I actually ask myself the same thing every day, lol. So yes, it is a simple practice but does take some coaching from a certified teacher to ensure you're getting the most out of the practice and to help you feel confident with the technique. After all, meditation can be a bit....confrontational at times so having a coach who can help you through any roadblocks that come up AND keep you accountable will help you receive the benefits of the practice and enjoy the process. 


The 3 Day Intensive

Here's How It Works

We meet for 90 minutes each day, for 3 days, as a small group. This ensures you get personal attention and guidance. Over the course of these 3 interactive sessions, I will teach you how to meditate (like a boss) using the simple, yet powerful1 Giant Mind "Being" technique. During the course and beyond you'll peel back the layers of stress and fatigue that built up in your system and you'll get to experience that magical feeling of "Being".​​


Course Schedule + Logistics

Friday, Sept 10: 4 - 5:30 pm PT 

Saturday, Sept 11: 1-2:30 pm PT

Sunday, Sept 12: 1-2:30 pm PT

Held digitally, through zoom so you can join from the comfort of your home. 


1. After you take the course, you'll be invited into my meditation community of 1 Giant Mind practitioners. This allows you to get ongoing support from myself and this beautiful community through our weekly guided group meditation calls.


2. A couple of days before the course starts, you'll receive the Perceived Stress Score test. I encourage you to take the test prior to starting your meditation practice so that you can take it again after you've been meditating for a while. You'll be amazed at how much your perceived levels of stress have decreased! 



Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 4.31.17 PM.png

“I signed up for this class to up-level my meditation practice and to help me manage the stress that is coming from all areas of life. And WOW!! I got so much more than that. I gained a higher sense of appreciation for the present moment. The feeling of freedom I now receive once I am in that state of "being" is priceless. The simplicity of this technique allows me to enjoy every meditation practice! Finally doubts of “am I doing this right?” are gone! I am so happy that I invested in this class"

- Mylene

This meditation course truly changed my life. My thoughts are kinder. I feel more at peace in stressful situations. My brain fog is gone. I feel more present. And I know these are only the beginning stages of a life filled with more gratitude.

- Devon

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 4.46.57 PM.png

 I'm more alert, calm, and most importantly I handle stress so much better. One thing Ellen taught me is that meditation is about maintenance - building that meditation practice into my self-care regimen has been CRITICAL to maintaining my mental health and resilience during this pandemic. I have been able to become so much more self-aware, and it has subtly improved my relationships with others, with myself, and my ability to handle stress. This is a tool I now have in my self-care toolbox for the rest of my life."

- Chloe

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 4.44.28 PM.png

Like many others, I had heard of the benefits of meditation for quite some time and was always interested in trying the practice but never really committed myself to finding the time to do it. I found it all too easy to make excuses as to why I couldn’t start and I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable. That’s where Ellen came in; her three-day workshop is just enough to get you started but not feel overwhelmed. Before I knew it, my body was actually begging me to meditate and it became my favorite time of the day. In this past week alone I ended up answering some questions about myself that I’d been asking for a very long time. I am so thankful for Ellen’s guidance and I truly feel that she’s given me the tools to change my own life. Don’t hesitate to give this a go! Let Ellen be the gentle nudge you’ve been needing to dive into meditation."

 - Alexis